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Tracy McPherson

Tracy McPherson
Tracy McPherson came to Temporary Accommodations in 2011 with 18 years of sales and business development experience. She is a Star Sales Performer and part of the 100% Club at Temporary Accommodations. Tracy first worked at IBM building prototype robotics after she studied electronics and engineering process controls in Boca Raton, Florida. Later she became a manufacturer’s representative in the Audio-Visual and Broadcast industry covering the Southeast. GE awarded Tracy, “Best Inside Sales Representative.” Crestron, a leader in the smart home technology industry asked Tracy to help open a Colorado branch where she implemented their training program, and led her to plant new roots in the west. Before leaving Emerald though, Tracy and her colleagues were recognized as the “Best Manufactures Representatives” multiple consecutive years by their principals. Business and project management skills inherently help keep Tracy on track. Her personal work strategy is to make to-do lists and celebrate crossing things off throughout the day to maintain motivation. Tracy also leverages her background in company training to teach new and prospective clients how to take advantage of Temporary Accommodations ClaimTrak technology. Tracy represents the sales team in our marketing department as a creative consultant, helping construct electronic campaigns, design trade show booths, and brainstorm new event themes. She believes being involved in a second department makes her job fun and interesting. Company pride plays a huge role in the energy Tracy brings to every meeting or event she attends. Instead of representing TA as a corporation, she represents us like her family, ready to step in and help out a neighbor in their toughest time. Temporary Accommodations has a lot of people who have been with the company for decades, since its inception even, and for good reason. The owners had a dream and a vision to help people, and they share that vision openly with their employees. It is without a doubt the people in our company that set us apart. Keeping employees close and making them know they are valued is what makes TA the way it is.
I Believe In: 
Living life to its greatest potential while allowing others to do the same. I have a real “live and let live” attitude. I have opinions, but I tend to keep them to myself. I’ve never felt the need to push my views on others or pass judgment. We only live once. I think we should all make it the best life possible without worrying about what others are up to.
I am Inspired By: 
Smart, resourceful people who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and go for what they dream of. Not just the legends and the famous, but real people that live and work next to me every day. My neighbor the entrepreneur, my sister the artist, my friend who grows her own food, those are my heroes.
When I am not Working: 
I like to push my physical abilities to their limits. I have lots of interests, but my greatest passion is snow skiing. I started later in life and was met with significant challenges. I have overcome doubt and fear and significant injury to exceed my own personal goals every year. I am my happiest at the top of my mountain and never finish a ski day without stopping to take in the view and say my thanks for the greatest gifts imaginable. A healthy body and a glorious snow covered world.