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Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer at Temporary Accommodations. Chris began his career with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company as a Systems Coordinator in Massachusetts, where he implemented a computerized sales and delivery system into live operation and trained and supervised a staff of more than 50 people. For more than twelve years spanning 1995 to 2008, Chris worked for Atlanta-based Troutman Sanders, LLP where he was responsible for the management and oversight of the international law firm’s technology areas, including systems and networking engineering, technical services, applications development, telecommunications, litigation technology, project management, quality assurance, help desk operations, and technology related training. It was at Troutman where Chris’ ability to devise and implement highly effective IT strategies that achieved significant operational efficiencies started to shine. In 2000, Chris relocated to Beverly Hills, CA, for an opportunity with Scour, Inc. as Director of Information Technology, but ultimately moved back to Atlanta in August of 2001 to resume his career with Troutman and be closer to family and friends. Chris joined TA in 2008 as Vice President of Technology. Chris’ deep expertise and vast experience enabled him to rapidly implement several IT initiatives that achieved significant bottom-line results for TA, including streamlining of the company’s claims management and reporting system, implementation an integrated VoIP system, and myriad other new technology advancements that continue to benefit TA today. With his highly diverse background and adaptable nature, Chris’ role evolved to encompass Finance, Human Resources, and ongoing client service management and support. Our customer portal, ClaimTrak, as well as our internal operating systems are managed by Chris and his team. We continue to invest in the best technology for our employees and clients in order to provide an unsurpassed customer experience for property adjusters and their policyholders every time.
I Believe In: 
Working hard to meet and exceed your goals and always striving to be better.
I am Inspired By: 
The true caring that each TA team member has for our clients and policyholders. The team’s dedication is evident in actions they take each and every day.