Request Housing

What You Can Expect

At Temporary Accommodations, our top priority is your comfort and safety; we want you to be completely satisfied with your temporary housing and back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Incident Occurs

Your property is damaged and you call your insurance company to file your claim.

TA Contacted

You or your insurance company contacts us to provide temporary housing (either hotel or housing similar to your current housing, or both).

  • Many insurance companies prefer to work with us based on our experience and excellent track record in providing temporary housing for policyholders like you. Read More
  • If your insurance company calls us on your behalf, we will contact you within 30 minutes of receiving their call.

We immediately assign an experienced and caring TA associate to you, however, whenever you call us, any associate will be able to access your claim information and immediately assist you.

During our initial call with you, we will gather some additional information regarding your housing needs and walk you through the temporary housing process so that you’re completely comfortable and know exactly what to expect.

Typical questions include:

  • How long do you need housing? (estimate)
  • How many people do you need housing for? (including pets)
  • Do you need furniture or housewares?
  • Do you have special needs or requirements?
  • How far is your current commute for school and/or work?

Next we begin searching for your property. If needed, we will also secure a hotel room on our credit card for your convenience, until we find the perfect property for you.

After quickly locating several properties that meet your unique needs, we contact your insurance company to get approval on our selections before we present them to you. We then submit the approved options to you within 24 hours or sooner, based on your situation.

Property Approval/Inspection

After choosing a property, we provide you with the property owner’s contact information so that you can schedule a viewing.

We suggest that you schedule and conduct a thorough walk through with the property owner to document any minor issues prior to your moving in to ensure a full refund of your security deposit when you move-out.

Once approved, we will send you a few documents to review and sign, including:

Move-in/During Your Stay

We will contact you within 24 hours after moving in to ensure that you and your family is safe, secure and happy in your new accommodations.

About mid-way through your stay, we will refer you back to the Move-out Checklist and send you helpful reminders as well.

Move-out/Returning Home

Once your move-out date is confirmed, we will begin the process of coordinating activities such as furnishing and housewares pick-ups.

TA recommends that you schedule and conduct a thorough walk-through with the property owner and address any issues up front.